Merkaba Reiki™ I

Reiki is a natural healing therapy that easily and effortlessly balances the body and mind. This simple, non-invasive, and versatile method triggers the body's natural healing abilities, and improves and maintains health and well-being.

Merkaba Reiki™ is an innovative form of Reiki that was developed exclusively by the Academy of Reiki. It encompasses the Merkaba, which is the toroidal energy field that is around all living things. Merkaba Reiki? accesses the different layers of the body, mind, and spirit through this field, allowing for deeper and faster healing and balancing.

The Merkaba Reiki™ First Level Course includes:

  • An introduction to Reiki and Merkaba Reiki™
  • The benefits of integrating Energy Medicine
  • Attunements
  • How to work with Merkaba Reiki™ Energy
  • Different ways to feel energy
  • Self-Treatment Techniques

You will also receive a 21-Day Treatment plan

Merkaba Reiki™ I Certification Fee: $ 225

Merkaba Reiki™ II

In Merkaba Reiki™ II you will receive additional Merkaba Reiki™ energy through another attunement. We will also be covering the expansive applications of administering Merkaba Reiki™ remotely and different techniques on conducting it.

With Merkaba Reiki™ I you receive 20% of the energy and you receive the remaining 80% with the Merkaba Reiki™ II attunement.

The Merkaba Reiki™ Second Level Course includes:

  • Introduction to Merkaba™ Reiki II
  • Reiki treatments with others
  • Ethics of Reiki
  • Attunement
  • Reiki Positions and Techniques
  • Practice time
  • Distance Reiki

Reiki II Certification Fee: $350

Merkaba Reiki Certification Courses

ART: Advanced Merkaba Reiki™ Techniques

ART is a fun and elective class that expands the use of Merkaba Reiki™ with different tools and methods such as:

  • Using Merkaba Reiki™ for blessings/Cleansing and Clearing Energy in your home/office spaces
  • Incorporating Sound with Tibetan Singing Bowls, Bells and Tuning Forks for uncovering energy blocks and raising energy
  • Detecting personal energy centers during treatments
  • Understanding the benefits of using sage for cleansing your home and body
  • Using Merkaba Reiki™ for manifestation

ART Certification fee: $150


Merkaba Reiki™ Master Level

There is typically a 6 month time period from finishing Merkaba Reiki™ II and becoming eligible to receive the Master level of Merkaba Reiki™. At the Master level of Merkaba Reiki™, you will be given an attunement. This class is recommended for anyone who is interested in finalizing the Merkaba Reiki™ series.

The Master Level Reiki is usually a prerequisite for anyone who is planning on attending more advanced vibrational energy techniques such as Karuna or Seichim Reiki. So whether you plan on teaching Reiki, want the option of attuning yourself to additional symbols or are interested in additional vibrational training, the Reiki Master Level would be right for you.

Merkaba Reiki™ Master Certification Fee: $750

Advanced Reiki Courses

Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Certification Course

Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming—Level I Practitioner (Must be Reiki II or above):

In this class, you will learn how to give Reiki Drumming Sessions using the Buffalo Drum. Drumming is known to have very therapeutic effects and when combined with the energy of Reiki, it is even more powerful and can provide very deep and powerful hearings. During a Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming session, Reiki energy is introduced into the person�s energy field, bringing about deep relaxation, inner peace, and healing on all levels.�

These drumming sessions have truly had a profound healing effect for many people. Recipients report afterwards that they feel more energized and solid and they can feel it all throughout their body. People of all ages can benefit from these sessions.�

Participants of this class will receive their own Reiki Drum.�

This class includes:

  • Attuning you and your drum to Reiki Energy
  • �Directions on how to administer a Reiki Session using the drum
  • Directions on how to use Reiki Energy and different drumming techniques for affirmation sessions
  • A relaxing guided Reiki drumming meditation journey
  • Please let us know you are a Nurse or a Chiropractor and are planning to use this class for Continuing Education Units.�
  • Heartbeat of Drumming Level I Certification Fee $250

    Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming—Level II Practitioner:
    -Must be Reiki II or above.
    -You will receive your own Ocean drum and receive an attunement using the ocean drum

    • You will learn:
    • How to incorporate the Ocean drum into your Reiki Sessions
    • Journeying using the power of the beat of the drum
    • How to conduct a Journeying session for others
    Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Level II Certification Fee $250

    Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming—Master Teacher:

    This Certification course was developed from the teachings that originated from Michael Baird system of using the sacred power of the drum to enhance the Reiki Energy.

    Heartbeat of Reiki Drumming Master Teacher Certification Fee: $400

    • You will:
    • Receive the Master Attunement
    • Learn how to teach The Heartbeat of Reiki to other.
    • Receive a personal symbol

    Heartbeat of Reiki Certification Courses

    The Sound of Reiki

    All sound is vibration which the body resonates with quickly and with great success

    You will:

    • Receive a set of tuning forks.
    • Learn how to use tuning forks over the main chakras and energy points.
    • Receive an attunement.
    • Learn how to incorporate sound into Reiki sessions.

    The Sound of Reiki Class Fee: $250

    Cancellation Policy:
    72 hour notice is required to reschedule an appointment or class. There are no refunds on missed/cancelled appointments, coursework, or classes. We have no cancellation policy for any programs after the first 72 hours that you sign up and or make payment. If you choose to withdraw from any program after the initial 72 hours time frame, you forfeit all monies that you gave to Academy of Reiki.