Corporate Reiki Wellness Program for Optimum Performance™

Our Reiki Wellness Program for Optimum Performance™ gives your employees a chance to experience the wonderful benefits of Reiki Sessions throughout their busy day. Academy of Reiki offers on-site sessions at your office with the ability to conduct sessions in a small space such as a spare room or conference room. Individual sessions can fit into employee breaktimes and we use comfortable state of the art Zero Gravity chairs for treatments. Afterwards, the person feels rejuvenated, balanced, centered, and ready to work.


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Reiki/Mindfulness Program for Cancer Patients

The American cancer society recognizes Reiki as a safe and complementary treatment for cancer.

A study published in Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine found that Reiki brought about significant levels of pain relief, anxiety and depression reduction, improvements in sleep quality, relaxation and general well-being for cancer patients. In another study focusing on treating cancer-related fatigue, it was found that participants who had Reiki treatments during the test period reported significant improvements in their quality of life and significant decreases in tiredness and anxiety.

Many cancer patients report that Reiki has helped them relax and have an increased sense of well-being and that it has helped them on their path towards healing.


The sessions are conducted in person in Orange County (they can also be conducted remotely) with a full session completed in 15 minutes. The initial and final sessions will include a consultation to assess your improvement during and after the program. You will also receive a short questionnaire that will be filled out at the end of each individual session.


Program Options:

Two times a week for 3 months (24 Sessions)  $3000

Three times a week for 3 months (36 Sessions)  $4500

For over three month programs Contact us.


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House and Commercial Space Clearing

We clean and tidy up our homes and offices but clearing the energy of the space is just as important. Over time, stagnant energy can build up just like dirt and create discomfort for everyone, especially if the space has witnessed turmoil such as arguments, layoffs, and other emotionally charged situations.

By clearing your space, you are optimizing your environment, setting the tone in a more positive and productive way. After space clearings, people have noticed improvements in their relationships, finances, health, creativity levels, and they have felt an increased sense of overall peace.

What Happens During a Space Clearing?
This process is done in person where the rooms or offices are cleansed and then set with a new energy. The cleansing process can involve different methods that we offer. It is a great idea to have this done periodically to keep the space energized for peace, wellness, and joy.

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We are also available for Mindfulness and Meditation Workshops. Please contact us for scheduling and pricing.